Wrong is the new right?


When we talk about the trends, we think a lot of the 80s or the 90s
But shifted or oversized body proportions are no longer alien to the streets. Excessive sleeves, pull-down or torn sweaters have been around the end-summer last year. YProjects/Balenciaga are the designers who have shown us the trend of the road on the runway. It is not important whether we have the latest items, but as we styling! This makes it possible to redefine some pieces with the new Touch.

With the outfit, it is important not to exaggerate too much, otherwise the look looks quickly seductive and can miss the eyes a small shock. I have here my beige coat of Zara, which I have long since, the lower button moved upwards and concentrated on two colors. A trend for those who like to try and trust.


Wrong is the new right? ?!


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