Sometimes I think back …


Whether Schmidt or Kohl: The Chancellor always called Helmut. And many great pop star names were short and short – like Nena, Prince and Falco: the 80s, in which, according to Diego Maradona, the “hand of God” was in the game at a football World Cup and thanks to Boris Becker and Steffi Graf many Germans The Tennissport for themselves, one could describe as a quite curious decade.

Poor hairstyles, slanting clothes: Long the 80s were frowned upon. But that has changed. Meanwhile, many are longing for the time when mobile phones and the Internet have not played any role. We were rather confirmed to enjoy every minute of our life and to share with the dearest. Meanwhile, sharing only Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp and the friendships are no longer the ones they were.

Maybe we should try to switch off. Forget our mobile phones and the whole social-median life and enjoy the moments that are happening in the moment …


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