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I have tried several different methods of shaving – from the standard shave with the razor from the drugstore to delicious traditional kind, at which the foamed soap first apply to the face and is then shaved carefully with the blade. At to achieve the best result for me, but I am always for
SyncroSonic ™ – Technology returned from Braun. For me, it guarantees a gentle, thorough, fast and above all comfortable shave.

Just recently, the Braun Series 9 CC Premium is with me arrived. He has a gold, titanium nitride-coated trimmer. Thanks to five flexible shaving elements of the shaving head detects even very short, tight hair and hair of different growth direction even better and thus promises a faster and more comfortable shave. In addition, the shaving head is flexible and safe in ten directions thereby more accurate adaptation to the contours of the face. The intensive skin contact makes itself felt: My Shaving is quick and precise.

Thanks to a rubberized, Structured Quality handle of the razor is safe and comfortable in the hand – and wet states. Speaking wet state:  The Braun Series 9 Premium CC is waterproof  and can be submerged in up to 5 meter deep water. I can therefore use the shaver on wet skin, as well as with shaving cream, gel or in the shower. After shaving, he can then be easily cleaned under running water.         

This saves valuable time in the morning. Another plus: I have occasionally struggling after shaving with dry skin. Of those now there is no trace.

So can start relaxing the day.

braun-stilysto-2016braun-series9-stilysto-text-engbraun-series9-stilysto-15braun-series9-stilysto-10braun-stilysto-2016-1-engIn Kooperation with Braun.

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  • Marc
    December 26, 2016

    This is Great !

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