Goodbye Summer



Goodbye Summer …

We can say that this summer has so far shown its best side. Presumably we should therefore move our dreams of long summer nights to the next year, because the month of August already slowly coming to an end. Heads up !

In my opinion, the fall / winter is the trendy flexible time ever! Jackets, scarves, pants and and and … new collections are just waiting for to be combined each day. I really can not wait, it gets cooler and I can spin in my shopping frenzy on long coats, thick sweaters or boots and start really on the streets.

To start the new week there is a new look in which I on the best-selling Jacket of this year can not again do without: Also in autumn and winter the bomber is a hit, which makes even the simplest outfit the eye-catcher. The gray cult jacket with the soft inner lining and the rose gold zipper from REVIEW makes my Black-in-Black Look to an eye-catcher. In both the Women and in the men’s fashion the Bomber is no longer away to think!

All combinations are possible: to casual outfit of skinny Pants and long shirt, as well for high-buttoned plaid shirt for the ultimate London-Style, is elegant it with a narrow, short-cut suit trousers and a simple shirt.




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