Die richtige Jeans für individuellen Geschmack zu finden, ist gar nicht so leicht! Bei der Auswahl kann MANN auch schon mal leicht den Überblick verlieren! Verschiedenen Denim-Waschungen, Prints sind seit letzten Season´s so vielfältig wie noch nie. Wie sieht aus mit einer HIGH WAIST für Ihn ?

Stuffy and conservative ?


Men’s clothing does not always have to be conspicuous. Most fashionable fashion chains, which bring a piece of inspiration but also high fashion and sometimes astonish us with its designs, even if some of them are simple copies of the biggest designers, we know very well now. But there are labels that really surprise you with style and history.

City life with City Breeze by Mexx


Dynamics instead of stillness, inspiration instead of lack of ideas, creativity instead of boredom – the life in my city Berlin is exciting. Numerous shopping in the area have become for me already a comfortable self-evident. The many events and open airs make life even more lively. And the numerous connections to public transport make it possible for me to be as flexible as ever.



Löcher über den Knien, aufgeribbelte Säume, herabhängende Fäden – Destroyed Denim oder sogenannte Ripped Jeans prägen die Streetstyles auch wieder diesen Saison. Ripped Jeans präsentieren sich mittlerweile in allen Waschungen und Passformen, wichtig ist nur, dass sie strapaziert aussehen und zwar so richtig!

Sometimes I think back …


Whether Schmidt or Kohl: The Chancellor always called Helmut. And many great pop star names were short and short – like Nena, Prince and Falco: the 80s, in which, according to Diego Maradona, the “hand of God” was in the game at a football World Cup and thanks to Boris Becker and Steffi Graf many Germans The Tennissport for themselves, one could describe as a quite curious decade.

Wrong is the new right?


When we talk about the trends, we think a lot of the 80s or the 90s. But shifted or oversized body proportions are no longer alien to the streets. Excessive sleeves, pull-down or torn sweaters have been around the end-summer last year

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After many fashion Brands offer their jeans items with different fonts, patches or the wear marks since this summer, the decision about the cool but especially individual jeans is even more difficult.

That is why Pepe Jeans has expanded the CUSTOM STUDIO since this year and now offers the service not only in shops, but you can comfortably decorate your Pepe jeans garments from your home with a personal touch. There are countless ways to complete each part to make your unique piece.

Lastminute X-Mas Gifts


Was ist jetzt das Richtige ?

Die Vorweihnachtszeit ist wahrscheinlich für viele die Stressigste Zeit EVER ! Und ein Last-Minute Shopping kann doch ein oder den andern den Kopf verdrehen. Schließlich ist es nur noch eine Woche bis Weihnachten und das große Feste rückt mit jedem Tag in greifbare Nähe.

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